Tuesday, May 18, 2004

This is me!

Well, I recently started to go to gay clubs this past March. Before March I haven't been to a gay club since mid-2002. I started meeting people that I’ve chatted with for long periods of time. Began to get aspects of my life together such as fitness, education, etc. I embarked on acceptance that I get down and this is probably going to be me for the rest of my life.

Coming into terms that I will not have a wife and kids is hard. Don't get me wrong I will have kids. As india.aire says, "the only thing constant in this world is change." Something that I have to face as a man.

Smiling on tha Dl is the name of this blog. Because on the low, I like being me. I like men. Now you might not actually hear me say this in person. This blog will afford me the opportunity to express myself freely without me being self-conscious. Men in this life style continue to be self-conscious. From how we act to how we look to what we like to how we dress.

I'm smiling on the low because I made a break through with coming to grips that this is who I am. I still don't choose to tell my family and a lot of my friends. But, the thought of telling them eventually.. much later down the line has cross my mind, lol. Recently, I have encounter people that are on the low or out from the Internet. They have exposed me to different aspects of what it is to live this life.

Reading the works of Keith Boykin has helped me on this journey. I recently purchased his book last Tuesday, One More River To Cross. Off the hook, his life before coming out was very similar to mine.

For everyone who reads this.. Come back often. Will update 3-4 times a week. Peace

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