Tuesday, March 08, 2005

We need you now!


I'm standing in the need of prayer. Lord, our people need you more than ever. You know I have been crying a lot lately because so much is going on with the world. I've pray for so many things. Right now, I pray that you give our people guidance and strength.

Rashawn Brazell has departed from our community. His death is a tragedy. Let his death be remembered that Rashawn could have been us. So many of us meet people through the Internet. So many of us sleep with each other without knowing the person's last name. So many of us are dying unwanted. So many of us are confused about our sexuality. Father, I don't know the circumstances on how my brother Rashawn departed, all I know I have put myself in predicaments that he could have been ME!

Please work through the Media and other organizations to realize that this is a situation we need to discuss. Telling Rashawn's story will save lives. Let our organizations work for us, not just LGBT groups, but groups like the NAACP as well.

Help me find how I can assist during this time.

Work in your mysterious way. Father, I know how powerful you have always been. Please help us out.

Lord, we need you NOW! We need you yesterday, today and tomorrow!

In Jesus Name I Pray,



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...and so it is....


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