Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Top Ten Wednesday and stuff

For some strange reason, I feel that I just renewed a lease on life. The last couple of days, I’ve participated in a couple of successful meetings. My short-term and long-term vision is manifesting. Reality is setting forth, there will always be down moments every damn day, but stay positive.

I wanna give a shout-outs to everyone that was at the LOBBY on Friday. Man, it was so much love in that place amongst the bloggers. I swear it was a NYC bloggers party that was not planned. Sucks to be in ATL, DC, LA, MD, MS and Chi-town, LOL! I had a heck of a time!

Fortunately, I’m off the next two days and have some enjoyable things planned. Going to brunch with Stedman. I’m having dinner with texas-sized drinks with my best friends. Finally going to see my sister Fantasia at Good Morning America (I’ll be the black boy cheesing hard, yelling out “B.A.B.Y.” lol). Tryna hit up 106 & Park with Redd. Hopefully, going to a museum with Bed-Stuy… Go see The Island (Michael Bay movies are da shyt.) Buying some discounted books at the infamous Harlem Book Fair. Brother Briggs Discussion and Omar Tyree Open Mic Night and hitting up Studio 7. Oh yeah, you know a brotha will be up in Church.

Well, today is Top Ten Wednesday… So

Top Ten Things Smiling Says Everyday…

Oh my goodness. When I see folks from my past they always remind me how much I use to say OMG (It’s not as bad now.). When someone crash, OMG. I bought a chicken salad, OMG. I just farted, OMG. It was bad, LOLOL. Oh yeah, I never say oh my G-D, using the Lord’s name in vain is a no, no.

Stop Lying. When someone tells me some juice (I refer to a story or gossip as juice) ((SHUT-UP)) I keep on saying Stop Lying. People that don’t know me take offence when I say this because they don’t know I’m playing.

For real For real. Yes, people do really say this. Even more since we have the celebrity No4real4real in the blog world. If I say something unbelievable, I’ll say for real, for real. It’s funny.

HAWT (hot) Mess. This started in college, every black person on campus started staying hot mess and its still with me today. When you see someone or something that just don’t look right…. That’s a Hawt Mess.

You better get it! It’s equivalent to Martin’s You Go Boy! Enough Said!

Special Announcement

You remember Barbara and Whitney "Crack is wack" interview. I know you remember Oprah and MJ rendezvous. This is nothing like it, LOL. This is a chat you don't want to miss!

Trent Jackson's PRIMETIME CHAT with Smiling has been recorded.

The Other Side of Trent Jackson will be release on Friday, July 22, 2005 (time has not been announced.)


Youdon’tknowhowtoact. (said like one word) I say this when someone does something out of the ordinary, something constant or doing the damn thing. For example, I would say to Stone in person, “youdon’tknowhowtoact.” (See his “Messed Up” poem) I know y’all will feel me.

Love ya. I talk to my mother several times a day. It gets sickening! She doesn’tknowhowtoact when she changed providers to sprint. She calls me throughout the day. At the end of the conversation I always say, “Bye Ma, I love ya.”

I’m so excited. It takes nothing for me to get excited (Get y’all mind out the gutter, I’m not even taking it there, lol). I really emphasis So! Kinda like the pointers Sisters, “I’m So excited.” It has a lot of heart behind it.

A Salama Lake Im. Whenever I end a deep conversation I always use this phrase. Although I’m not Muslim, I think it has so much meaning.

Jesus. Look at your neighbor and say, "There is nothing like the name Jesus." In my times of distress, which are often, I call out his name. This name gives me strength when the pockets are empty, when I almost get into a car accident, when there is no one to call, and when I'm on the toilet and I can't get it out! LOL (sike nah on da last one) Thank ya!

Well, there are a few of the words I recite every single day.

What are some of y'all's?


At 3:24 PM, Blogger IQ said...

OMG, U are going to see My American Idol Fantasia, for real, for real?!?! Stop Lying! You just gotta tell us all about it, cuz I'm like her biggest fan and I think everyone is like sleeping on her. I guess theydon’tknowhowtoact..they just Don't Act Right.

Fa real, let us know how it goes, LOL....

A Salama Lake Im.

At 11:33 PM, Blogger Trent Jackson said...

LOL! You are too deep! (that doesn't mean you're really deep, It really means you're really funny or crazy for saying the shit that comes flying outta yo mouf)

Like the memo I got from you today was too was mad sexy yo...


At 9:52 AM, Blogger Valentino said...

Why you aint tell me Fantasia was gonna be at GMA? Selfish!!!
Oh and you better get it !


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